Melbourne's anti-vaxxers have started placing Nazi-themed stickers around city. Stickers show Star of David, image of Adolf Hitler and a syringe with messaging

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I am a great fan of vaccines. I have had them all. But I fundamentally object to compulsion in the mstter. I had no side-effects at all from my two Astra Zeneca shots but most people do get side-effects of varying degrees of severity, including death. In the circumstances, people are surely entitled to say "No thanks".

So using Nazi imgery is a very clear way of emphasizing that government tyranny can be a very bad thing. I think the handling of the coronavirus by methods copied from Communist China will go down in history as one of the great medical disasters

Melbourne's anti-vaxxers have started placing stickers around the city controversially comparing themselves to Jews in the Holocaust as they continue to protest against mandatory vaccinations.

The stickers, which have been spotted around the Victorian capital in recent weeks, show three images - the Star of David, Adolf Hitler and a syringe.

'What's the difference between vaccine papers and a yellow star? 82 years. We are increasingly living under National Socialiam. Stop medical apartheid,' the message reads.

The stickers have caused outrage in the Jewish community, with community leaders calling for the government to take a stand against the propaganda.

They have been placed on walls, street signs and crossings around the city, usually in areas of high foot traffic.

The Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission said the comparison between anti-vaxxers and slaughtered Jews was 'hateful and cruel'.

'To hijack the Holocaust, in which six million Jews and millions of others were slaughtered and burned, to suggest that Hitler's Final Solution is comparable to lifesaving vaccination efforts is to trivialise and downplay humanity's most immense tragedy,' Dr Dvir Abramovich said.

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  1. The left likes to make Nazi comparisons that are in the wrong relation to the size, shape, or position of other things. All it takes to trigger their distorted views is for a right winger to be elected. The left tends not only to be off in their comparisons, but way off.

    I do not think that a Nazi comparison is proportional nor useful in case of Covid-19. But it is indeed noteworthy that legions of totalitarian impulses are very much alive in civilized countries, both in people that have positions of power and in citizens that desire totalitarian measures to keep them safe from what government acts as if it can control. It is not over yet.

    I recently learnt that a colleague was a right winger. She told me she had taken the vaccines largely because she did not want to pass Covid-19 on to others and that she did not like the idea of compulsion in the matter. I agree. I told her, it seems that many people generally do not like nor value liberty since the twin value is responsibility for one's self.


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