The angry Belgian writes again

Morano offered a mild reply to the abuse levelled at him by Jean-Luc Mélice []. Morano wrote:

"Haha. You once called me fat but I lost a lot of weight. Now you call me bald and I can get hair transplant or do a comb over, so you're probably wrong about that too"

He got a rejoinder from Mélice as follows:

Too funny, Morano the Moron has a thin skin. The Moron reacts sooo quickly!!!

The origin of your name comes from Calabria in Italy...lots of mafiosi over there!!!

Morano in Spanish means north African nigger. I now understand your complex of inferiority, and your ugly face. Indeed, you are not of WASP origin.

So you are now a weight ridiculous. And you need a hair transplant, exactly like Donnie the con, the orange agent who lost the election, and will be in an orange suit in prison soon. And you are still licking his ugly fat ass... disgusting!

Note that I was living in the USA during the Kennedy time. I remember very well the 3 dark days after he was shot by a fucking moron as yourself. At that time, I was in an american high school and the Americans were not anti-science as they are now.

Besides a South African nationality, I have also an US passport.

Please also that I have worked as a diplomat, besides being a super top scientist.

I would love to be in front of you during a Fox News interview. I would destroy you in a few seconds...

Remember, we are following you, and are very keen to smash your ugly mafiosi obese face with a baseball bat.

Just fokoff ... as we say in afrikaans...

He sounds very lonely and frustrated. A recent picture of him:

He looks rather African

His anger has even led him to use the the N-word. He rather hilariously descibes himself as a "super top scientist" above yet there is no rational debate or reference to any climate facts in his email above. I would think he was deranged except that his level of anger is common on the Left -- JR

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