New solar-powered electric vehicle, Aptera, that 'never needs charging' provides 1,000 miles of range which is more than twice of Tesla's Model S - and the $26,000 car sold out

It's a very lightweight tricycle that generates enough power off its in-built solar panels to drive 40 miles. But you have a battery pack for when you are not driving it under the relentless California sunlight

The price is good for an electric vehicle and it can take a passenger so it might make a useful commuter vehicle.  It does its tricks by being very lightweight however so it could not be used as any sort of load-carrying vehicle.  It is not clear how far it goes with and without a passenger

California-based Aptera recently opened pre-orders for its solar electric vehicle that 'never needs charging' and within less than 24 hours, according to the firm, the $26,000 car sold out

The futuristic-styled structure is designed with lightweight materials, providing low-drag aerodynamics and cooling.

Aptera's Never Charge technology is comprised of an integrate solar package that provides more than 40 miles of ‘free’ driving per day ‘making it the first vehicle that won’t need to fuel up for most daily driving.’

The vehicle is also equipped with a battery pack that provides 1,000 miles of range, which greatly surpasses the Tesla Model S’s 370 miles of range. 

Co-Founder Chris Anthony said: ‘With Aptera’s Never Charge technology, you are driven by the power of the sun. ‘Our built-in solar array keeps your battery pack topped off and anywhere you want to go, you just go.’

Aptera was available for pre-orders on December 4, with pricing starting at $25,900 up to $46,900 for four-wheel drive.

The vehicle is designed liquid-cooled electric motors that allow the vehicle to go from zero to 60 miles per hour (mph) in just 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 110 mph.

And if you do need power, the vehicle can be charged by a standard 110-volt outlet.

Aptero co-founder Steve Fambro, told the Independent: ‘40 miles doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s the equivalent of parking your car and having it magically fill up with two gallons of gas overnight.’

‘So the fact that you can park it at work or wherever and go back to it with more energy in the tank than when you left it – have it charge itself without having to pay a dime to drive it every day.’

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