US dictionary Merriam-Webster redefines the term 'sexual preference' as OFFENSIVE after Amy Coney Barrett used it and was criticized by Democrat senator who said sexuality is not a choice

As many people have pointed out, 'sexual preference' was for a long time the normal Leftist way of referring to homosexuality but suddenly it has become "wrong". Mazie Hirono is very radical so she is shifting the whole discussion in a far left direction

The new term appears to be "sexual orientation" but I imagine that will become incorrect too -- because it fails to stress that homosexuality is inborn

Merriam-Webster dictionary has updated its definition of 'sexual preference' to an 'offensive' term one day after Amy Coney Barrett's use of the phrase was slammed during her SCOTUS hearing.

The reputable dictionary's fifth definition of the word 'preference' cites 'orientation' and uses the example of 'sexual preference'.

On Wednesday, this definition was updated to explain that the use of preference in relation to sexuality is 'offensive'.

The change came hours after Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono said Barrett's appointment to the Supreme Court would pose a threat to LGBTQ rights and used the judge's use of the term 'sexual preference' as evidence of this concern.

Hirono said the phrase is highly offensive to the LGBTQ community and is used by 'anti-LGBTQ activists' to suggest sexuality is a choice rather than an unchangeable part of an individual's identity.


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  1. Well, I do not expect leftists to bring up sexual abuse to contrast the claim that sexuality is inborn. Do bisexuals have a choice? They often seem to go back to heterosexuality after a while, which is good news for the making of new human lives and the continuation of mankind.

    I take offense sometimes but I try to keep it internal as it is a weakness and not something to be flaunted like a gold medal in being emotionally (and thus mentally) handicapped. Some seem to really enjoy making an opera out of being offended so that the bitter pill they want people to swallow is somehow justified. I watched a little bit of the Barret hearing but found the present Democrats to be disgusting and would rather do something else.

    At the end of the day, beyond the basics, people do not generally seem to be able to separate good from bad. It is pitiful a realisation in my own life and I see it almost everywhere I direct my attention.


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