If Trump loses, Trumpism will live on

Some excerpts below from a Leftist hate screed.  In their own way they recognize that Trump has revived basic conservatism

For instance, it was almost entirely the American Left that initiated America's many wars, so Mr Trump's efforts to bring the troops back home is thoroughly conservative -- and isolationism generally has a long history of support among American conservatives

And Trump's use of tariffs also runs against the international ideas of the Left. They want a one-world government.  Very few Americans like that idea and Trump has become their champion

And it has long been conservatives who have called for curbs on immigration, illegal immigration particularly.  Trump's wall is a most graphic display of sympathy for that

He has lost some voters in the course of four years. He won 46 per cent of the popular vote in 2016 and today has about 43 per cent on the average of the polls.

But he is still President unimpeached. He is still supported overwhelmingly by the Republican Party. And he is still a real chance of winning re-election, with the betting markets giving him about a 40 per cent chance of victory. Another way of expressing this probability is that if the election were held under the same circumstances 100 times, Trump would win 40 times. In spite of everything.

"They say I have the most loyal people – did you ever see that?" He said that four years ago, and it remains true.

"That's the thing that's most distressing," Francis Fukuyama tells me. "He still has the support of more than 40 per cent of American voters and they love him – they love the fact that he's wrecking the US government," says the world's most famous political scientist.

Or, as the election analyst Charlie Cook of The Cook Political Report puts it, "Voting for Trump is a cultural statement." It's not subject to events.

The pandemic has exposed the limits of Trump's nonsense populism. Fukuyama says Trump would be easily re-elected if not for the plague. But it also has revealed the power and persistence of his appeal.

Even if Trump loses, it's "scary because Trumpism survives Trump," says Fukuyama. The movement lives on even if he's voted out at the November 3 election.

"The core of Trump's support is still going to be there. He will be encouraging them. A lot of Republicans [in Congress] have thrown their lot in with him." He would become ex-officio leader of the opposition.


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  1. The world’s most famous political scientist was monumentally wrong about ‘the end of history’, and the polls he seems to trust so to analyse Trump, despite their amazing record in 2016, look similarly accurate. But then deranged Trump haters like liberal Fukuyama don’t really get Trump, rather like the never Trumpers and the ‘educated’ professional classes generally. I wouldn’t use any of them to found an article pretending neutrality over Trump.


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