Senate motion condemning Bettina Arndt a 'complete freedom of speech violation'

Bettina Arndt is Australia's no. 1 critic of feminist hate.  Feminists are therefore out to shut her down in any way possible.  They got a big help with their campaign when she speculated why a dire murderer did what he did.  The man murdered his wife and children and then suicided.

And it wasn't even Bettina's own  speculation. She simply repeated a speculation from a cop on the case.

Bettina's big mistake was to take an interest in why the murderer did it.  Apparently you are not allowed to do that.  You are not allowed to ask what drove a man to a horrible crime

Why not?  I don't think there was any rational reason.  In such circumstances you are just supposed to emote.  Your emotions are all that is needed and anything more is dangerous

Like myself Bettina has qualifications in psychology and for both of us it is elementary to ask WHY a thing occurred. That is science. It is totally anti-intellectual to do otherwise.  But the Left are always the loudest voices so their purely emotional reaction was taken as the morally right one. So they "got" Bettina on a charge of inappropriate emotions.  That examining the facts might be by far the most useful thing to do was not considered

For the record I agree entirely with what Bettina said.  She was the only truth seeker in the whole affair.  Emotions are not enough

Those few who have defended Bettina normally disown what she said.  That is just a weak way out.  I challenge them to point out WHAT she said that was in any way wrong.  To some it was clearly wrong emotionally but surely we can do better than that

The headline above refers to the fact that the Australian Senate did a brainless emotional pile-on too. It was good virtue signalling to condemn Bettina, apparently

I have put up my dissection of the motives of the murderer here. Subsequent reports showing him to have been be aggressive from childhood on would seem to confirm my analysis

"Outsiders" host Rowan Dean says while he was "deeply disturbed" by Bettina Ardnt's comments on Hannah Clarke, he thinks the Senate motion to condemn her was a "complete violation" of freedom of speech.

Mr Dean said there was no “justification or excuse for the horrific terrifying murders committed by Rowan Baxter" and he did not support Ms Ardnt's comments but would defend her right to express her views.

"I don't support Bettina Arndt's comments, but I do defend her right to express them and for anyone else to express their opposition to them," he said.

Mr Dean said because the Senate decided to pass a motion condemning Ms Arndt for the controversial comments, it was “using the overwhelming power of government to crush one individual's reputation for expressing a point of view”.

“Only two senators were brave enough to vote against the motion - One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts.


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