Rebuttals to climate skeptics

Every now and again some keen Warmist offers answers to climate skeptics.  I have commented on their arguments often over the years.  See here.  So I do not feel any pressure from the latest effort in that direction.

The comments below are from a series of articles in under the general heading "Time Is Now". The arguments presented are all rather old hat and deceptive but one of their arguments amused me.  Under the heading STARVING TO DEATH! we find the comment from Dr Perkins-Kirkpatrick reproduced below

But the comment is not right.  Lots of Greenies DO want to shut down the coal industry right away.  They are very vocal about it. Dr Perkins-Kirkpatrick does give herself an interesting "out" there however.  She speaks of "no reasonable person".  So by that criterion a lot of her fellow Greenies are not reasonable persons.  I must say I agree

And what she says should happen is as far as I can see exactly what the conservative Morrison government is proposing! It looks like Australia's Morrison government ARE reasonable persons in her book!

So she is a rather odd Greenie whom many other Greenies would disown.  She certainly does little to dent climate skepticism

“Firstly, no reasonable person is proposing we shut down the coal industry tomorrow and see what happens,” Dr Perkins-Kirkpatrick said.

Reducing humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels is a big part of the long-term solution to combat the dire consequences of a changing climate.

But no one’s expecting people to sit in the dark by candlelight or to watch the economy collapse.

“Change is slow and that’s OK. But it needs to happen,” she said.

A transition to renewables would be gradual and managed to limit the social and economic impacts, and it would provide a wealth of new opportunity.

“It will be possible in the future to run off renewables,” she said.

“The technology now means it’s reliable, increasingly affordable and widely available. And the tech is getting better.”


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