A Leftist bushfire story

We have read in the papers in recent days many stories about various acts of generosity towards bushfire victims and firefighters.  Chris Graham, Publisher/Editor of the Leftist webzine "New Matilda" has a story up at the moment  about such an act of generosity that he describes as "very close to my heart".

What makes it so close to his heart appears to be that it has a racial angle.  Leftists never cease obsessing about race. The story is that a Black Family Offered Their Home To Bushfire Victims.

All very nice of course but Chris plays down certain facts, the most salient of which is that the family is NOT Aboriginal except in a legal sense.  They look white.

So whatever motivates their generosity can most economically be ascribed to their WHITE ancestry.

Secondly, the home being offered is one that the family vacated some time ago.  They own it but it is not their current home.

Thirdly, the home is located in a place far away from the bushfires so is not likely to be of help to most of the victims.

Nonetheless it is of course a generous offer but that it "vindicates" blacks in any sense would be a large stretch.  If Chris thinks it does the story is closer to his anus than his heart.

Read it here

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