Cressida Dick is under investigation at long last

After a long record of incompetence.  The fact that she is an open lesbian has protected her so far but that may come to an end

In the Brazilian electrician affair she was nominally in charge but just wandered around while other people ran a chaotic show.  If she had exercized some leadership she could have pulled all the threads together and stopped the police killing of an innocent man

She seems to have been similarly detached during Operation Midland. In operation Midland it was again innocent people who were made to suffer -- all on the unsupported word of one man.  If she had a real police brain in her head she might have suspected that he was a fantasist.  Instead she let the whole process grind on to its sorry end.  She basically has nothing to contribute at a senior level. She should have been put out to grass long ago. 

Dame Cressida Dick has been referred to the police watchdog for alleged misconduct over her role in the disastrous Operation Midland investigation

The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) has asked the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to look at the matter after Harvey Proctor, the former Tory MP, lodged a formal complaint last month.

Mr Proctor, accused the Met Commissioner of dereliction of duty during the opening weeks of the inquiry in 2014.

The 72-year-old was investigated by Scotland Yard for more than a year when fantasist Carl Beech falsely told detectives he had been raped and abused by him and other high profile figures in the 1970s.

A senior officer declared Beech's comments to be "credible and true" and the homes of Mr Proctor, Lord Bramall and Lord Brittan were raided by detectives.

Dame Cressida, who had overall responsibility for the investigation in its opening weeks in November 2014, recently admitted that she knew the use of the phrase "credible and true" was a mistake, but she failed to correct it.

She has since admitted she should have taken action saying: "perhaps in retrospect I should have said something".

Mr Proctor claims the failure to correct her colleague's mistake amounted to misconduct in public office and he has asked Sadiq Khan - who deals with complaints about the Commissioner - to investigate.

In a statement the Mayor's office said they had made a voluntary referral about the complaint to the IOPC.

A spokesman said: "MOPAC considers that the exceptional circumstances of this case, together with the fact that the IOPC have recently conducted an independent investigation into closely related matters, justifies voluntary referral to the IOPC."

The statement went on: "In recording the complaint and subsequently deciding to voluntarily refer the complaint to the IOPC, MOPAC is making no judgment about the validity or otherwise of the complaint. Nor has an investigation into the complaint been conducted at this stage.

"MOPAC is asking the IOPC to determine whether or not it is necessary for the complaint to be investigated."

Last month Mr Proctor - who lost his home and his job as a result of the police investigation - accepted £500,000 in compensation from the Met plus £400,000 in legal costs.

But he has refused to go quietly and has also lodged a criminal complaint against five senior Met officers, accusing them of misleading a judge in order to obtain illegal search warrants.


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