The hateful extremism of the British government

I have just had an extensive look at "Challenging Hateful Extremism", a recent emission of the British government.

There is only one form of extremism in Britain that frequently kills people and that is of course Muslim extremism. So you would think that the report would focus heavily on that form of extremism and leave other forms of extremism to be summed up in a single chapter.  That is not remotely so.

The report does mention Musim hate speech but it is most heavily concerned with the words of British patriots who resent the favoritism shown towards Muslims by the British government.  And that favoritism is surely hateful extremism. 

The Left will deny anything so will probably deny any favoritism towards Muslims but the report itself is evidence of that bias.  It was chaired by Sara Khan, a former  president of an Islamic youth organisation.  No expectation of bias there, of course.

So rather than be preoccupied with the grievous attacks from Muslims that can erupt anywhere any time, the British government wants to muzzle citizens who are concerned about such attacks.  A more hateful form of extremism would be hard to imagine -- JR


  1. Leftism is emotionalism. It follows and even worships emotions/feelings. If it feels good it is good. If it feels right it is right. And anger, outrage, hatefulness, always feel themselves to be in the right, whether they are or not. Leftism is a delusional condition.

    Leftism turns its obsession with greed and jealousy into deluded virtue, claiming what they feel is fairness, caring and compassion. They claim their desire for power over others is a caring desire to equalise society and make everyone happy, with themselves as the equalisers and everyone else as the equalised.

    Personal regret and shame are probably the worst of human feelings. But leftists are not much afflicted with that because leftists have an external locus of control and believe that truth and conscience are psychological constructs.

    The emotion that leftists dread is fear. There are two different ways to manage fear. One way is to face the fear and follow conscience regardless, doing what is good and right in spite of the fear of earthly consequences. Thus, the uncomfortable sensations associated with fear and caused by adrenaline and cortisol are transmuted into an energy for doing right even under pressure.

    The other way to manage fear is to deny it. To tell oneself that the fear is non-existent, to comply with what the fear wants us to do, and to convince oneself that one’s compliance is due to virtue, caring and doing the right thing. Delude yourself into making a virtue of your cowardice and that will nullify the uncomfortable physical and emotional sensations associated with fear.

    That second way of managing fear is the reason many side with evil against good, and side with their enemies against their friends. They side with those who would do them most harm if they were against them. And they convince themselves that they are passionate and right in doing so. They are simply trying to control their own internal discomforts associated with fear, but doing so with deluded and false honour.

    There are also status and image conscious individuals who think they look good and superior in the eyes of others by showing themselves to be so good and intellectually superior that they understand and support those that others are fearful of and consider to be enemies.

    And there are more self-conscious and less emotional individuals who side with evil and with enemies, and who do so not out of deluded emotional virtue, nor image and status, but because they share the same hatreds and want the same destructions as their enemies do. Like the former groups, they speak as if their motives are virtuous but the difference is that they know they are not.
    This lesser numerous group are manipulators. They are the true traitors.

  2. that is a lot of leftist Trump hatred. Lefties easily turn hateful, as is shown wherever/whenever they gain unbridled power. Hate feels virtuous to them.


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