Christ's last lesson

"Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do"

At the very end of his life Jesus said the above.  For him to say that displayed a remarkably insightful heart.  He thought of their motivations as well as their deeds and in thinking of those motivations could not condemn their deeds.  It is a lesson to us all.  We need to forgive because we may not know what was/is driving the other person. Even under the most grievous provocation, we must keep that in mind. It is a most powerful teaching indeed.  Could we have forgiven in his situation?

Forgiveness can be so powerful.  It is particularly good at restoring relationships.  I have been married and divorced four times.  But there has never been any anger in me towards the ladies concerned.  We have remained on good terms to this day.  I didn't consciously forgive any of them anything.  I just did not judge or condemn their motivations at all in the first place.  I accepted that they had a motivation that was right in their eyes.

I gained so much by being forgiving.  And the wonder of it is that it is contagious. Any anger that they had towards me faded away too.  Christian teachings work.

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  1. I agree, they do work. Forgiveness enables the good will in man, for others, to flow unhindered, forgiveness allows good will to be free-flowing.

    In my 20s I had my first big lesson about forgiveness. I asked for everything to be revealed and it was. I remember the sting in my solar plexus. If not for forgiveness there would most likely be hate where there is now friendship. I do also think that forgivness nullifies hurt where it is allowed to pass through.

    If there is anything that will set our fallible selves free, it is forgiveness.


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