Adam Goodes documentary sparks breastbeating about race in Australia

Unmentioned below is that it is common for footballers to be booed by supporters of the opposing team.  It has been handed down from on high that such booing is "racist". But lots of white footballers have been heavily booed.  For one or two people race may have had something to do with it but the great majority of it was not racist.  Australia has in general remarkable racial harmony.  We even put up with Middle-Eastern Muslims.

Goodes was a crybaby.  And that REALLY wound up the spectators.  Showing weakness just invites further attack.  His onfield antics were rightly criticized as foolish.

What the wise-heads are ignoring is that Goodes was aggressive, confrontational and a whiner.  He has done a lot to make himself unpopular. He once did some sort of Aboriginal war dance on the football field, complete with an imaginary spear thrown in the direction of the opposing fans --  Not exactly the "mature discussion about the state of race relations in this country" that his Leftist supporters called for.

It got to the point that he just had to run onto the field to get booed.  He made himself an oppositional figure.

Adam Goodes’ documentary in which he addressed routine bullying and racism he faced in Australia while playing in the AFL sparked an outpouring of emotion and support for the former Sydney Swans star.

The Final Quarter aired on Channel 10 on Thursday night and showed the booing and abuse Goodes faced over the last three seasons of his career, eventually driving him into an early retirement.

After hosting a special late-night edition of The Project, Waleed Aly penned an opinion piece for The Sydney Morning Herald where he outlined the justification behind people’s booing of Goodes.

“Critics of Goodes loved to point out that there were more than 70 other Indigenous players in the AFL who weren’t getting booed at the time,” Aly wrote.

“That sort of thing is falsely offered as a defence against the charge of racism because it pretends racism can exist only if the prejudice in question applies to every single member of a race; that if something is not exclusively about skin colour, then race is not a factor at all. But that’s almost never how it works.

“More often, racism lives in the double standards that mean someone gets attacked in a way a white person never would, even if they were to behave in the same way.

“Racism doesn’t require a belief that there are no “good” blacks. In fact, it frequently relies on the “good”, precisely because it wants to identify the “bad” ones.”

After leading the discussion, he capped the night off by thanking those involved in making the film and asked a key question about where we go from here as a nation.

“It seems that what began as personal torment for Adam quickly became a national controversy,” he said.

“The question now really is whether it can become a productive national conversation. And the answer to that question rests with each of us.”

As part of the debate, he explained why there were no indigenous voices in the media representatives appearing on The Project — who discussed how the press handled the issue at the time.

“I deliberately didn’t have an indigenous voice, because I felt that we needed to reflect the media as it was, and that doesn’t include indigenous voices,” he said.

Journalist for The Australian Chip Le Grand told the show that one of the most “disturbing” aspects of the documentary is that it highlights how “a lot of us don’t seem to even know racism when we see it”.

He also said the AFL’s failure to step in and help Goodes was “such a failure of leadership”.

“They just needed someone to clearly stand up, and it was Gill McLachlan’s time, in that instance, to just say: ‘Look, yes, it is complicated but, clearly, race is a part of this, it’s a big part of this, it’s ugly and it has to stop’,” he said.

On Thursday morning on Studio 10, director and award-winning filmmaker, Ian Darling said he wanted “everyone to look at (the documentary) with open eyes and an open heart.”

“Just be prepared to think that maybe we didn’t get it right,” he said. “Literally, every single person I’ve shown it to — from Gill McLachlan at the AFL through to schoolkids — have said ‘Wow, I didn’t understand the extent of the booing’ or ‘I didn’t understand the enormity of the media conversation.’”



  1. Yes, Adam Goodes is a sook. I live in an Australian country town and although I am not a keen football follower, I do sometimes attend local football games when teams from rival towns are battling it out. Booing and cheering by spectators is common, and it is all done in good fun. There is no hatred in it. Unlike in some countries, Australians do not hate or fight each other over sports games. To the contrary, after the match people from both sides go to the local pub for drinks, mingling and friendship, where there is jokes, fun, ribbing and teasing, and lots of handshakes and shoulder pats. To label Australians racist for booing a black man is insulting to Australians. Goodes could not take a little booing like other players do. He and leftists complained that booing him is racist. Then when booed he goes and gestures throwing a spear at the crowd. If a white player were to make gestures of shooting blacks then you can bet he would be branded a racist, forced to apologise and banned from playing in future games. His sports career would probably be over. But when Goodes gestures spearing white people for booing him, then the white people are held to blame and expected to be ashamed of themselves. That is leftist logic. I say that Australians are not generally racist; they boo and cheer anyone according to how they play the game. And Goodes is a sook, but being a sook is not entirely his fault. Leftist welfare workers, psychologists, counsellors, youth workers, teachers and media, are continually telling Aboriginals how racist white Australians are, and are doing their continual best to whip up Aboriginal resentment and hatred of white Australians. I know because I work with such manipulative trouble making creatures, portraying themselves as society's caring people when they are really society's trouble makers. I see them making trouble all the time, continually trying to breed resentment, hatred and division in blacks towards whites. So I don't blame Goodes for his sooky tantrums and for believing he is a victim. Aboriginal groups have a lot of contact with leftist welfare workers who are continually manipulating Aboriginals to feel resentful towards white Australians. It is a pity because white Australians, although tough and hardy, take people as individuals and believe deeply in a fair go for all, and are probably one of the fairest and kindest peoples on the planet. If only leftists would stop stirring trouble while pretending to be the caring people.

    1. If only leftists would stop stirring trouble while pretending to be caring people. Now that is on point.

  2. Most conservatives do not understand leftists. They think that leftists are illogical. But no one is illogical; it is simply not understanding their motive and intention that makes them seem illogical. While most conservatives think that lefties are illogical, lefties think that conservatives are evil. And in that is a revelation, for leftists deny their own qualities and project them onto others. Leftist are not illogical, but evil. But most lefties don't realise that; they really feel themselves to be society's good people. And that is because leftism is emotionalism, and emotions such as anger, irritation, annoyance, envy, jealousy, pride, resentment, even hatred, the desire for destruction,... all feel themselves to be in the right, whether they are or not. Such emotions are unreliable delusional conditions. Those who value truth above all else, do not trust emotion, no matter how much the emotion feels itself to be in the right, the truth seeker endeavours to look past it. How can we see that lefties are evil? One way to see what a particular demographic is really like is to look at how those people behave when they obtain unbridled power. See the many leftist revolutions and socialist regimes of the 1900s. In every case, lefties persecuted and murdered everyone who thought differently to them, even up to the tens of millions. And see the insane rage that present day lefties in our universities show towards those who hold opinions different to their own. I think if they were free to kill, they would. And they always do, they would feel good and right doing it. And that is evil. Conservatives though, have never rounded up and murdered tens of millions of lefties.

    1. Good point about conservatives compared to leftists. I have recently read about a horseshoe theory where the argument is that the extreme left and the extreme right are closer to each other than either is to the political centre.

      The theory is onto something, but I have not read enough about it to learn if anybody has noted that even though the extreme left and right are opposites, the driver for both is emotionalism and that is how they oddly seem to join hands.

      Iron fist in a velvet glove. As noted in the Bible, they come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. What better cover for the bad than what is good on the outside? The most intelligent will thread the webs with the finest silk.

  3. Yes, extreme rightism is usually an emotional reaction against the emotionalism of the left. Conservatism is not on that emotional plane; it is a cautious and responsible mindset that is found between the two and up at a right angle above them.


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