Hot start to 2019 after Australia ends its third-warmest year

Warmist apparatchik Peter Hannam (below)is slipping.  He seems happy that Australia's average temperature was only the third warmest.  But, according to Warmist theory, 2018 should be THE hottest.  According to Australia's Cape Grim, CO2 levels shot up in 2018, particularly in the second half.  Download the CO2 data here.

We should be roasting.  The BoM do their best to create the impression that we are but the averages tell the story.  Peter seems to think our temperatures support global warming.  In fact they starkly contradict it

The searing end to 2018 for much of Australia will likely make it the third-hottest on record for maximum temperatures with little early relief in sight in the new year, preliminary data from the Bureau of Meteorology shows.

For mean temperatures, 2018 will also come in among the top five, according to bureau meteorologist Skye Tobin. The year was also "very much drier" than average for Australia, particularly in the south-east.

In New South Wales, Hay, Ivanhoe and Wilcania recorded the highest temperatures, reaching 44 degrees Celsius while in the east, there was little relief with the mercury peaking at 40 degrees in Penrith.

All but one of the country's top 10 hottest years have occurred since 2005, a result "in line with long-term trends resulting from anthropogenic climate change", the bureau said in a summary on 2018's national weather.

Australia was hardly alone in recording a hot year. "For the globe as a whole, 2018 is likely to be the fourth-warmest year on record, continuing the recent pattern of very warm years," the bureau said.

Temperatures are now about 1.1 degrees above the pre-industrial norm. That's more than half way to the 2-degree upper limit of warming almost 200 nations agreed to work towards under the Paris climate agreement signed in 2015.

Every year since 1978 has been above the 1961-90 average for mean temperatures, the bureau said.



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