All babies are born equal, no matter their race or class (?)

Do-gooder BS gets really extreme here.  What they did was equalize the mothers in major ways and then discovered that their babies were equal too!  If a student had handed me a research proposal as dumb as that, I would have failed it.  IQ, health and much else is inherited and IQ is quite well related to physical health, wealth, social position etc. So the equalizations they did would have strongly equalized IQ as well

But that's not the worst of it. They examined IQ only up to age 2.  That is also hilarious.  You cannot reliably measure IQ at age 2.  Any scores you get at that age have little or no relation to scores at ages 16 or 30 (for instance)

What a shemozzle! Totally unwarranted inferences from a brainless study

Babies born in similar circumstances will thrive regardless of race or ­geography, Oxford-led research has found, quashing the idea that race or class determines intelligence.

In a scientific first, the team of ­researchers tracked the physical and intellectual development of babies around the world from the earliest days after conception to age two.

“At every single stage we’ve shown that healthy mothers have healthy ­babies and that healthy babies all grow at exactly the same rate,” said Prof ­Stephen Kennedy, the co-director of the Oxford Maternal and Perinatal Health Institute.

“It doesn’t matter where you are living, it doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is, it doesn’t matter what your race and ­ethnicity is, receiving decent medical care and nutrition is the key.”

The INTERGROWTH-21st Project, led jointly by Prof Kennedy and Prof José Villar at Oxford, involved nearly 60,000 mothers and babies, tracking growth in the womb, then followed more than 1,300 of the children, measuring growth and development.

The mothers – in locations as diverse as Brazil, India and Italy – were chosen because they were in good health and lived in similar, clean, urban environments. Their babies scored similarly on both physical and intellectual development.

The study should help settle the debate over the role of genetics in determining intelligence, which has been rumbling since the publication of Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve in the Nineties. The book argued that a “cognitive elite” was becoming separated from the general population.

“There’s still a substantial body of opinion out there in both the scientific and lay communities who genuinely believe that intelligence is predominantly determined by genes and the environment that you’re living in and that your parents and grandparents were living in and their nutritional and health status are not relevant,” said Prof Kennedy. “Well, that’s clearly not the case.”



  1. If chimps and humans are similar at two years of age, then of course, humans are similar at two years of age too.

  2. They made everything as equal as they possibly could, then claimed there is no difference. That is what they orchestrated it for. And I doubt they tested all manifests of intelligence and kinds of development.
    It is well known that at two years old, human and chimpanzee babies perform equally well in many intelligence tests, particularly in physical learning ability, that is, learning by their own trial and error.
    Chimps can even excel in working memory against adult humans, which is the ability to remember a static layout. (Kim’s game)
    But working memory is flat compared to more multidimensional creative intelligence, which is the ability to select distinctions and combine them to create a previously imagined result (creativity) and to create a suitable result (problem solving). Humans are better than chimps at that. And different humans are better than each other at that.
    Human babies beat chimps at social learning, that is, learning by watching others. But even that is usually testing the human and chimp baby’s ability to learn from watching humans, not watching other chimps. The human baby might do poorly at social learning from chimps.

  3. They have concocted a "scientific" experiment to "prove" their claim that all babies are born equal. It is Chinese trickery. Chinese kung fu instructors like to set things up so that what they then do looks impressive to others, when it is not impressive at all.


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