UK: Oxbridge's lack of black students a 'staggering' failure, says universities minister

WHY is it important to have blacks at Oxford and Cambridge universities?  Surely what matters is that each student is admitted  on non-discriminatory grounds and is given every opportunity to develop his/her full potential.  Oxford and Cambridge do exactly that.

If there is evidence of blacks being discriminated against let us hear of it.  But there is none.  As they do worldwide, Africans  in Britain have very poor High school performance.  THAT is why so few meet Oxbridge admission criteria

Oxbridge is Britain's prime location for intellectual excellence.  To degrade it by having racist admission criteria would be a great loss and would prove nothing

The universities minister has attacked Oxbridge for its “staggering” failure to attract more black students, saying that colleges must look beyond exam results to improve diversity.

Sam Gyimah, who was elected as the first black British president of the Oxford Union debating society in 1997, claimed that diversity at Britain’s two oldest universities had scarcely changed from his own student days, as he warned it was time they “stood up to the mark”.

Speaking openly about the issue for the first time, Mr Gyimah said he struggled to understand how Oxford and Cambridge could regularly produce Nobel prize winners but could not “crack the issue of admissions”.


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