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Below is a small excerpt from The Guardian which relies heavily on Katharine Hayhoe to create alarm.  She is an unusual person in being both a Christian, well informed and yet is a Warmist.  The vast majority of Christians are perfectly sane people but they have always included some nuts in their ranks. I think Katherine is one of the nutty Christians.  I think I would find a lack of reality contact in her quite quickly if I interviewed her.  Lack of reality contact is the hallmark of psychosis.

But I don't really need to interview her.  I include below one of her assertions about the climate that is clearly out of contact with reality.  And I show that it is out of contact with reality with a graph

Even as the impacts of climate change intensify, many Americans remain confused by the issue. Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe discusses how to talk with climate sceptics 

Katharine Hayhoe is an associate professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, where temperatures during this summer of record-breaking heat have surpassed 100 degrees on 43 days. While Hayhoe would certainly not argue that this scorching heat is unequivocal evidence of global warming, she is sure of one thing: it's a sign of things to come.

Hayhoe is well known not only for her scientific work on the regional impacts of global warming in the U.S., but also for her efforts to reach out to conservative communities — particularly evangelical Christians — to speak with them about the realities of climate change. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, she said she has found much common ground with people by patiently answering their questions, stressing the impact that global warming will likely have on the individuals and places that people love, and discussing actions to blunt climate change that nearly all sides can agree on....

She says:

"If you look at the Southeast, they are very vulnerable along the coastline to hurricanes and storms.... So the latest projections are not for any more frequent hurricanes but for stronger hurricanes..."


In fact the US has now gone 11 years without a major hurricane, the longest period on record. Worldwide there has been no increase in major hurricane landfalls either


She creates alarm where a more reasonable commentary on the facts would be that we seem to have moved into an unusually safe period. The cautious pronouncements that one expects from a genuine scholar seem quite alien to her.

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