"Trumpileaks" and Leftist flexibility

Leftists have no principles, ethics or morals.  How do I know that?  They tell us.  Whenever they are cornered in an argument, they will say, with a great air of superiority, "But there's no such thing as right and wrong".  And they do mean that.  We should take them at their word.  They do have aims -- destroying anything they can -- but that is all, no ethics or principles.  You can see it for yourself any time.  When they say something is wrong -- like anything that Trump does -- just reply: "But  there's no such thing as right and wrong".  It really stumps them.  Years ago I did some research into their insincere use of "right" and "wrong" which showed their inconsistency.

And there is no limit to what Leftists will appeal to. When George Bush's intervention in Iraq was being mooted -- Bush made sure to get Congressional approval for it first -- John Kerry and others even made an appeal to preserve the status quo -- the one thing Leftists most consistently oppose.  They even stressed the importance of the Peace of Westphalia -- a set of documents created in the year 1648.  You couldn't make it up! Leftists will appeal to anything that they think will be persuasive to others, regardless of what they themselves think.

And that brings us to Michael Moore and his establishment of a gossip site called "Trumpileaks".  Moore gives a classic exhibition of Leftist "flexibility".  He claims that Trump has done all sorts of illegal things but can't actually name one.  He mistakes Leftist howls for evidence of illegality.

He makes up for his lack of substance, however, by appealing to all sorts of authorities that Leftists normally abhor. He speaks warmly of the founding fathers and even quotes Mike Pence approvingly. The whole thing is too silly to reproduce but a reader has done an extensive fisking of it so I will forward the fisked version to anyone who asks for it.

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