Feminism has no chance in Britain

I know a rather "modern" mother who has a little daughter who declares that she is a "princess".  She didn't get it from her mother so wherefrom did she get it?  Mainly from books and movies, most probably.

But feminists would love to banish all such influences.  The very idea of "princess" is anathema to them:  archaic, deluded, patriarchal etc. But they will never succeed in Britain while Britain is Britain. Why?  Because real life there leaves all fantasies for dead.  Great Royal occasions in Britain are magnificent and inspiring.  Just hark back to the coronation of the present Queen.  Watch for a while the video below:

Around the 11 minute mark, we see a young princess being escorted to her coronation in a real gold coach drawn by eight magnificently caparisoned horses and accompanied by a long line of men from the world's most colourful military establishment -- and all amid the great love of her people.  What little girl would NOT want to be the princess in that coach?  Feminists eat your heart out!

And it's not much different in other parts of the British Commonwealth.  Elizabeth is Australia's Queen too -- and Canada's.  Those great royal occasions are our occasions too -- JR.

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