Open access to research data

Warmist "scientists" regularly disgrace themselves by refusing to make publicly available their raw research data.  What was once a routine courtesy has been destroyed by Warmist crookedness.  But the recent uproar in the social and biological sciences about unreplicable findings makes the issue more critical than ever.  It is clear that researchers regularly sift through their data and report only the bits that they like for whatever reason.  And from a statistician's viewpoint the regular practice in the medical literature of reporting only extreme quintiles is simply laughable.  Who knows what relaationships are obscured by throwing away three fifths of your data?  So there is clearly much to be gained by having the analysis of a dataset open to all comers.

And the medical literature is coming onboard with that.  Below are two scans from the latest issue of JAMA.  The point of the second scan is that even those evil old drug companies are making their raw research data generally available.  So Warmists are less ethical than drug companies.  Drug companies are a favorite hate-object of the Green/Left so  that contrast would embarrass them if they were real scientists.

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