The Satellite Deniers

Steve Goddard has put up a post that adds to what I said yesterday about Phil Plait.  See here.  He even comments on two of the "handsome gentlemen" involved.  I thought of doing the same but ended up being merciful for once. I am however rather pleased that there is another skeptic who can be as vitriolic as I can.

Steve even puts up a graph that supports what I said about removing the 1998 El Nino from consideration.  He shows a COOLING trend below (green line).  Note however that the graph is calibrated in  five hundredths of one degree so there is nothing important going on there.

He further says:  "They do have just one minor problem however. The 1995 IPCC report, authored by none other than NOAA's own Tom Karl, showed that satellite temperatures matched NOAA balloon data, and that neither showed any warming since 1979."

Below is an excerpt from that report:

"Satellite and balloon measurements agree that lower-tropospheric temperatures have increased only slightly since 1979, though there has been a faster rate of global surface temperature increase. Balloon measurements indicate a larger lower tropospheric temperature increase since 1958, similar to that shown by global surface temperature measurements over the
same period. Balloon and satellite measurements agree that
lower-stratospheric temperatures have declined significantly
since 1979"

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