Some long overdue sense about the Jihadis from a leading politician

Britain last night had a big debate in parliament on whether to join the bombing raids on ISIS in Syria. The debate did not split on party lines, unusually for Britain.  A majority of Tories and a minority of Leftists voted for the raids, giving a big majority in favour.  The highlight of the debates was a forceful speech from Leftist Hilary Benn, shadow foreign secretary and son of the prominent far-Leftist "Tony" Benn, now deceased.  And the speech may  have been the first time ever that a prominent Leftist politician has recognized what Obama and other Leftists still refuse to acknowledge:  That the Muslim Jihadis are Fascists. 

Benn was referring only to ISIS but it is a start. One should note that ISIS is not alone in bloodthirstiness and hostility. Al-Queda, the Taliban and Boko Haram are other examples of murderous  Muslim groups.  An excerpt from the speech:

    "Mr Speaker, I hope the House will bear with me if I direct my closing remarks to my Labour friends and colleagues on this side of the house. As a party, we have always been defined by our internationalism. We believe we have a responsibility, one to another. We never have and we never should walk by on the other side of the road.

    And we are here faced by fascists. Not just their calculated brutality, but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us in this chamber tonight and all of the people we represent. They hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt. They hold our democracy – the means by which we will make our decision tonight – in contempt.

    And what we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated and it is why, as we have heard tonight, socialists and trade unionists were just one part of the international brigade in the 1930s to fight against Franco. It’s why this entire House stood up against Hitler and Mussolini. It’s why our party has always stood up against the denial of human rights and for justice and my view, Mr Speaker, is that we must now confront this evil. It is now time for us to do our bit in Syria and that is why I ask my colleagues to vote in favour of this motion tonight"


His emphasis that the Islamofascists need to be treated like the Fascists of the past: defeated, not tolerated or appeased, is particularly welcome

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  1. His speech is welcome, and his point well made. Islamofascism does need to be defeated.

    But what to do about Islam, which is what Islamofascism arises from.

    Fascism, as I see it, is socialism on the march, is socialism riled. Its ideals are the same, only its behaviour and method of takeover is different.

    In regards to Islamofascism, or the Jihadists, it is Islam on the march, Islam riled. It is all there in the Koran, page after page of how to be a good Muslim and kill infidels. That's why ISIS, Al Qida, Taliban, Boko Haram, Jemaah Islamiah, the Saudi and Iranian regimes ... are so brutal. Islamic violence seems to come from centuries of inbreeding causing low intelligence and inability for the intelligence to process emotions, in other words genetic hot headedness, many thousands of years of young Arab men not even knowing what a woman looked like, three thousand years of pre-Islamic Arabic tribal banditry, fourteen hundred years of Arabic semi-united hostility against other races caused by religious adherence to a book that commands Muslims to wage war on, kill, enslave, and only falsely befriend Infidels. All the encouragements in the Koran to charity and kindness are towards other Muslims, infidels are to be waged war on, slaughtered and enslaved because we are the firewood of hell. Islam united the Arab tribes under the concept of one God but that is about all. So Islam and Jihad is well ingrained, genetically, culturally, and religiously, especially in the Arab.

    Bombing ISIS and other Jihadists to death will only settle Islam until the next time it heats up. And meanwhile they are spreading into the west. And Jihad will always arise from Islam as steam arises from heated water. Jihad is a product of Islam as AIDES is a product of HIV. And it always will be that way until Islam changes its definition and meaning of Jihad and Infidel.

    Muslims need to make Jihad in internal struggle ...between impulse and intelligence, between emotion and reason, they need to take up that great battle between desire and better judgement from which all other battles stem. And they need to internalise the Infidel and define it to be that part of themselves that is their own worst enemy that would have them disobey their conscience and best judgement, they must come to see the Infidel as their own destructive habits and inclinations of thought, impulse, emotion and behaviour. This must become the central theme of all Islamic teachings in every Mosque. External Jihad must be taught as a historic stepping stone between preIslam and the present, but is in the past and it is now the time for Internal Jihad.

    Continually rotate refugees back to Middle East after four years in the west, for as long as it takes, a century if needed, so they take back training, education and exposure to western/Christian understandings of individuality, freewill and goodwill towards those they find hard to tolerate. So as to breed a develop a conscience with which they can wage their internal Jihad, and take the concept back to the middle east. If they marry citizens who are muslims, or marry non-muslims and have children while here, the whole family goes back with the refugees after four years. Their job is to build a new Middle east.

    And in the meantime, the west needs to kill and defeat Islamofascist movements and terror groups, execute domestic terrorists. And contain Muslim and Arab populations to their own lands as much as possible and for as long as it takes for them to civilise. And implement an international administration of the Middle east, again for as long as it takes.

    But I have waffled enough. Please excuse this long comment.


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