Is there no limit to the utter nonsense poured out in the name of global warming??  And it's not just some Al Gore type.  It's coming from NASA's chief scientist

Isn't the blonde Ellen Stofan gorgeous?  Maybe she is just NASA's token female

I quote Ms Stofan:  "Photosynthesis declines rapidly at temperatures above about 95 degrees Fahrenheit".  Has the good woman never heard of the tropics?  I was born in the tropics and temperatures there are very commonly above 95F, quite a bit above sometimes.  So were the plants around me all dying?  Not on your Nelly!  You've never seen such vigorous growth. They'll almost leap out and grab you and yours if you let them. So they were all photosynthesizing like mad, in other words. I think the woman must be mad.

Climate change due to human activity is causing visible shifts on our planet, and NASA is uniquely positioned to observe these effects.  “If we continue on our current course, it’s going to be hard to feed this planet because it’s so hot,” Ellen Stofan, NASA’s chief scientist, told Business Insider.

In fact, photosynthesis — the process all plants use to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates — declines rapidly at temperatures above about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, Stofan explained during a talk October 16 at The James Beard Foundation Food Conference, a meeting to discuss the future of food.

And the evidence suggests that we could reach too-high temperatures too soon.

Stofan has spent most of her career studying Venus, a planet with a major greenhouse effect — a fancy term for a planet’s atmosphere trapping the sun’s heat and warming its surface.

Here on Earth, NASA satellites are seeing a similar trend, and it’s veering toward dangerous levels. This warming trend is bad news for our ability to grow food.

This wouldn’t be the first time human-caused climate change has affected our ability to grow food, Stofan pointed out. The Dust Bowl of the 1930s, which had a devastating effect on agriculture in the US and Canada, can be traced to poor farming practices and severe drought brought on by climate change. [Whoa!  I thought anthropogenic global warming started in the second half of C20, not the first half!  She doesn't even have her Warmist gospel straight]


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  1. School kids study this in school. Photosynthesis has an optimal temperature, enzymes are denatured above 40C. So what is your argument apart from "I once saw some green plants and it was a hot day" ?. You use a similar, and equally flawed, argument against coral dying off when too hot. You should read some science text books to try and improve your thinking skills.


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