Introduction to a Warmist mind

I have long pointed out that the Green/Left are hate driven.  They just hate the people around them.  The Left want to pull down the rich, not lift up the poor and the Greenies care, not about the environment, but disrupting the lives of as many people as possible.  The following comment appeared on Marc Morano's site on Oct 9th. It must be just about as good an example of a hate-driven message as one could imagine. The Green/Left are very troubled souls

From: Anonymous
Message: Do you know that you're going to hell? Do you also still believe the world is flat?  How about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?  Sasquatch?  Sir, you are nothing but a lying pig.  A very privileged pig.  A horribly disgusting pig.  Selling out the children of the world for your greed and for the sake of the wealthiest 1% of the population who line your pocket makes you a pig.  It also makes you corrupt.  It also makes you, yes, evil.  Ever heard of Satan?  Don't believe, huh? That don't matter, cuz you still gonna burn, man.  BUUURRRRRNNNN.  If there was ever a FUCK who deserved being rammed in the ass by him, it's you.  Enjoy your afterlife, and don't forget the sunscreen.  Wouldn't want you to get burned, would we?

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