Angry censors at Mozilla

Dislike of feminists not allowed

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard has publicly committed to firing a supposed employee spewing hate speech on Reddit—if the company can figure out who he is.

An anonymous Reddit user by the name of aoiyama, who claims to work for Mozilla, posted comments celebrating the departure of the firm's community organizer, Christie Koehler, adding that "when she and the rest of her blue-haired, nose-pierced asshole feminists are gone, the tech industry will breathe a sigh of relief."

(The user had previously posted in the MensRights subreddit alleging favoritism toward women at his company, though in those cases he didn't identify his employer.)

Koehler resigned from Mozilla earlier this month, decrying the company's failure to address diversity and accessibility issues in a series of tweets.

In remarks at a project meeting, Beard emphasized that the posts "crossed a line from criticism to hate speech," defining it as "when you start saying that 'someone's kind doesn't belong here and we'll all be happy when they're gone.' If that's not hate speech, it's pretty damn close and we're not going to walk that line as Mozilla."

While the employee probably felt he was free to vent privately on his own time without repercussions, most employment agreements are at will, and aoiyama's comments are harmful to an already troubled view of Mozilla's workplace culture.


It's "troubled" all right.  Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced out of his job last year once it was revealed that he had donated to a pro-family cause. Eich donated $1,000 in 2008 to support Proposition 8, a California constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriage.  So was Eich some ignorant no-account bigot?  Hardly. He is known as the father of the programing language JavaScript, in which Mozilla has a big interest.  Stalin was very good at sending the Russian intelligentsia to Siberia.  Mozilla is a modern-day Stalin.

Conservatives should really boycott Mozilla's Firefox so it's a pity Microsoft's "Internet Explorer" is such crap.  Google Chrome and Opera have got their acts together, however.

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