The habitual dishonesty of the Left is a huge political problem

When they hear something confidently asserted, most people tend to accept that as true until they have evidence to the contrary.  The Left are kept afloat by that tendency.  The facts are against almost every conceivable Leftist proposition.  So loudly deceiving people about the facts is essential to the Left.

A very common deceptive tactic is a very old and very effective  one:  Accusing your opponents of what are in fact your own faults  -- what Freud called "projection".

Nowhere is this a more persuasive strategy than in the constant accusations that conservatives are "racist".  That is such a big lie and is asserted so often that many people undoubtedly believe it.

A knowledge of the relevant history immediately demolishes that assertion but Leftist control of the educational system ensures that almost no-one gets to know that history.  That Hitler was a socialist, that one of Britain's most notable Prime Ministers was both a Jew and the head of the British CONSERVATIVE party are both obvious and large signs that the Leftist accusations are false.  British Conservatives made a Jew (Disraeli) their Prime minister.  40 years later,  German socialists immolated 6 million Jews.  So who is the antisemite?  Who is the racist?

Here is another interesting piece of history.  In 1905 the sitting British government lost power in a general election to the opposition.  The main cause of its loss was that it was too sympathetic to (legal) Chinese immigration.  Ask any Leftist which party it was that lost the election and they would undoubtedly nominate a Left-leaning party.  It was in fact the Conservative government of Arthur Balfour.

It is true that it was Chinese immigration to South Africa that was the issue but Britain had just fought a long and costly war to assert that South Africa was British territory and public opinion did see the issue as concerning British territory.

And anyone who has read the correspondence between Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (I have) will be aware of the many racial aspersions cast by both those Leftist icons

For a time modern-day conservatives defended themselves from false Leftist attacks by saying that talking about different races and racial characteristics was not at all the same as advocating genocide and did not imply support for genocide.  But in recent years, conservatives seem to have become cowed.  They avoid all mention of race in fear of Leftist attack.

The truth will never come out that way.  And it needs to come out.  For example, the lie that all races are equal in all things is very damaging.  Leftists are absolutely firm that the black/white "gap" in educational achievement is NOT due to any inherent differences between the two groups.  They are sure that it is transient and changeable and rack their brains for ways to change it.  But it never does change, no matter what the best brains in Leftism have been able to come up with.

So the inevitable outcome of that is that black under-achievement must not be intrinsic to them but must be due to "whitey":  Whitey oppresses and discriminates against blacks, allegedly.  And a more poisonous claim than that would be hard to imagine.  Blacks tend to believe it and it makes them very hostile towards whites.  So we have all the  black-on-white attacks and killings that the press does its  best to hush up.  Many innocent whites are injured and killed because of that great Leftist lie.

Anybody who was familiar with the last 100 years of research into IQ would see that the black-white educational gap is exactly what you would expect from the black-white IQ gap and that nothing will eradicate it -- but Leftists assert that "all men are equal" so cannot accept that.

It may be that all men are equal in the sight of God but divine optometrical defects are not scientifically testable.  IQ is.

But I despair of the truth ever becoming widely known now that conservatives have given up defending it.  America will continue to stagger on under destructive public policies supported only by Leftist lies.

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