"Hate speech" and hate-crime

Leftists routinely claim that hate speech leads to hate crime -- but never offer any proof of that assertion.  It is clear why they do not.  Because it is false.  By Leftists' own definition, conservatives are constantly guilty of hate speech but where is the conservative who has committed a hate crime?  There is none.  Clearly, hate speech does NOT lead to hate crime.

Crashingly obvious though that is, however, it is not obvious to Leftists.  10,000 instances of hate speech lead to 0 hate crimes?  Leftists can see nothing to learn from that.  Even if the ratio were 10,000 to 10, there would be 9,990 instances of hate speech that did not lead to hate crimes -- again busting the relationship that Leftists so boldly assert.

Stories are more persuasive than statistics, however, so let me mention one.

Richard Wagner is one of history's most noted antisemites.  He was one of Hitler's heroes.  Yet in his personal life Wagner was exceptionally kind and supportive to the Jews around him -- and they often cared strongly for him.  In behaviour he was a model PHILO-Semite.  So racist words did certainly not lead to race-crimes in his case.

I put the whole story up last year, which please see.

What I conclude is that it is only behaviour that matters. Words are just not useful as predictors of evil deeds.  So it is only a person who does actual harm to another person solely because of that person's race who is a real racist.  It is deeds, not words, that count.

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