Some death threats get more mileage than others

Back in June we read how "Australia's leading climate scientists" were being targeted in a vicious campaign of emailed death threats.

The threat to the scientists was deemed so great The Australian National University was forced to moved several "high-profile scientists" to secure facilities, presumably underground bunkers, for their own protection.

Nothing much more has been heard of the campaign of terror of the Evil Climate Change Denialists.

But now academics face a new threat, not from Evil Climate Change Denialists, but foreign fee-paying students who are disgruntled with low marks.  We read:

Victoria Police are investigating one case at a state campus after an email was sent to a lecturer stating: "I will kill u and your family."
It is understood the email was sent from a student who was given a low mark at the end of last semester and warned the lecturer to expect an attack on university grounds.
Cars had been defaced with graffiti, teachers' houses vandalised and staff physically intimidated and stalked by students.
One source said universities were reluctant to act on threats because international students were full fee-paying "cash cows".
A few emails from Evil Climate Change Denialists sent the academics to the bunkers.  The difference this time is actual damage has been done to property and there is physical intimidation.  Do academics now need armed escorts?

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