Political correctness does not come easily to Italians

If that's a stereotype then its a complimentary one in my view. I say what I think and I think well of others who do likewise. And few people could have been more "incorrect" than former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (known for saying Obama had a "nice suntan", among other things. That one still cracks me up). And he was the longest serving Italian Prime Minister for many years.

Even in America think of the "incorrect" Tom Tancredo, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the late Joey Vento, and now maybe Rick Santorum -- all of Italian descent
A RIGHT-wing Italian deputy mayor has found himself at the centre of a political storm after his anti-gay slurs against a left-wing governor provoked widespread outrage - and a rebuke from his own party.

And much of the drama has been played out on the Facebook pages of the politicians involved.

Giuseppe Ripa, deputy mayor of the southern town of Lecce, launched his attack on Nichi Vendola, the governor of Apulia, in a posting on Facebook.

"In nature, there exist only two types human beings: the man and the woman," he wrote. The rest were psychiatric cases apt for psychoanalytic treatment, said Ripa, a member of Silvio Berlsuconi's People of Freedom party.

Lecce's mayor, Paolo Perrone, was quick to distance himself from the remarks. "I like to practice politics by debating with my adversaries on the issues, not on the sexual preferences of this or that person, which are a matter of one's private life," he wrote in his own Facebook posting.


Note that the speaker in the post below is also of Italian ancestry

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