Drag queen tampon ad 'transphobic'

Too bad. If you're weird, you are going to have to put up with people regarding you as weird. Phobias have got nothing to do with it.
Tampon maker Libra has been branded "outrageously transphobic" over its new ad implying transgender people are not real women because they do not menstruate.

The television commercial depicts a drag queen character and a blonde woman standing side by side in a nightclub restroom putting on mascara and lip gloss, and adjusting their bras competitively.

The blonde woman then pulls out her Libra tampon, leaving the drag queen to storm out of the toilets in a huff.

The ad, which wraps with the catch phrase "Libra gets girls", has faced a storm of criticism, with dozens posting harsh comments on the company's Facebook page.


Video at link

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