More multiculturalism: African driver shows no regard for others

IF THERE is a prize for stupidity, this driver wins hands down. As cars stopped at traffic lights at the busy King William St and Waymouth St intersection, city, on Thursday, he simply turned on his hazard lights, turned off his engine and got out.

Reaching in for his keys and his wallet, the man turned and casually wandered across the road to a nearby ANZ automatic teller machine.

As he took out his card and inserted it into the machine, cars banked up behind his motionless Holden Vectra.

A stunned Sunday Mail photographer Jo-Anna Robinson snapped these pictures of the dopey driver as other motorists and pedestrians simply looked on in amazement.

"I've never seen anything like it," Robinson said. "He was just very matter-of-fact, like he was doing nothing wrong."

The lights turned green as the man started punching the ATM keypad, but he continued his transaction and ignored the traffic jam.

After finishing his withdrawal, he stood by as a van drove past before crossing back to his car.

The man was as oblivious to the banked-up traffic as he was to the sound of other car horns from behind. He waved to one woman leaning on her car horn as he settled himself into the driver's seat.

He then waited for the lights to turn green before driving away, smirking at the photographer as he accelerated.

SA Police traffic enforcement branch officer-in-charge Superintendent Linda Fellows said the man could be charged under a number of sections of the Australian Road Rules and could face an $80 fine and a victims-of-crime levy.

"All drivers are responsible for ensuring they do not create a danger to other road users either by their manner or driving or the way in which their vehicle is used," she said.


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