It's War on AIDS, Fascists, Idiots, Assholes

It was International AIDS Day yesterday if you were not aware.

To mark the occasion, gay singer Sir Elton John was invited to Sydney's Opera House to watch fireworks and declare war on AIDS.

As with everything, the key is government funding.  John tells us,
We've got this disease really by the scruff of the neck.  But we cannot loosen that grip we have on it. If governments start backing out and stop funding, then the epidemic will start to balloon again.
 The problem is perception.

If we can de-stigmatise this disease once and for all, we are really going to beat this disease.
This is not a faggots' f***ing disease anymore. This is a worldwide disease that affects everybody.
Let's get rid of this disgusting stigma and get these people who are such fascists, such idiots, and such assholes to understand that people have a right to live with dignity.
Personally I will continue doing my bit fighting AIDS by avoiding anonymous sex in bathhouses.  I hope that doesn't make me a member of the fascist, idiot, asshole community.

But issues affecting us all never stand alone so Sir Elton took the opportunity to impart another important message.
Oh, and it's about time Australians got same-sex marriage together.
This is the message Federal Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese wants Sir Elton to bring to this weekend's Labor Party Conference.
Elton John had a message for delegates of the ALP conference, which is we need to be open about the fact that people exist in terms of different relationships and love is real.

He had a message about marriage equality tonight.  I am hopeful that the ALP conference delegates, when they assess the issues before them, will say it's time for Australia to step into the future and to support marriage equality.
Not that Albanese is in need of a distraction or anything.

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