UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon warns of rising 'Sea Levels'

Some mischievous person added the graph below to the report. The graph shows clearly that sea level has in fact plateaued

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is warning about rising sea levels that will put coastal cities from Miami to Kolkata at risk and climate change in urban areas is to blame.

"Major coastal cities, such as Cairo, New York, Karachi, Calcutta, Belem, New Orleans, Shanghai, Tokyo, Lagos, Miami and Amsterdam, could face serious threats from storm surges" and are at risk of being inundated by rising waters, TheWeatherSpace.com was told.

"The nexus between urbanisation and climate change is real and potentially deadly," he said.

"More and more municipalities are harnessing wind, solar and geothermal energy, contributing to green growth and improving environmental protection," he said, urging further international support for local and municipal efforts.

Experts are saying that by 2050 we will have a major problem with rising sea levels.


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