OK to mock the appearance of a Republican but not OK to mock the appearance of a Democrat

Scott Brown gives a witty response to criticism of his appearance in a magazine. But feminists of course have no sense of humor and no sense of fair play
Sen. Scott Brown has infuriated women’s groups by poking fun at rival Elizabeth Warren’s physical appearance in response to her put-down of his nude photo shoot when he was a law student, yet he also is being defended by two female Republican senators.

The controversy started Tuesday, when Warren, a Harvard professor and consumer activist, took a shot at Brown during a debate. She and five other Democratic candidates seeking to oust Brown from the seat once held by Ted Kennedy were asked how they paid for their college educations.

The questioner noted that while Brown was in law school, he posed nude for Cosmopolitan in a photo spread. Warren began her response by saying, “I kept my clothes on.”

“Thank God,” Brown replied with a laugh during a radio interview Thursday.

One group, the National Organization for Women, went as far as to suggest that Brown should not run for re-election – a suggestion that the female GOP senators batted down.


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