An ancient logical fallacy from whom else? A prominent Warmist, of course

From Logic 101: "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence". But the guy's not even trying to be honest anyway. He ignores Svensmark's now well-substantiated theory of cosmic ray effects on clouds and hence temperatures

A pre-eminent U.S. climate-change scientist is to speak tonight at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

While some climate change is normal, says Dr. Richard Alley, what's going on now is clearly man-made, since researchers have looked at all possible natural causes and found nothing.

"So, we can go down the list and say, 'Is there anything that could explain this other than us?' and we can't find it. Then we say, 'OK, but the physics of CO2 are really well known,' so we actually can see with high scientific confidence that our fingerprint is on the changing climate."


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