Sea level DROPS

Global sea level dropped six millimeters in 2010 and has continued to drop in 2011, NASA satellite instruments report. The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory reports “the rise of the global ocean has been remarkably steady” since satellite instruments began measuring sea level in 1993, which counters alarmist assertions of an acceleration in sea-level rise. While the 2010–2011 decline in global sea level is most likely temporary, it may force a downward revision of the long-term pace of sea-level rise.

Note: 6 millimeters is twice the rate at which the sea level had been rising. Amusing how NASA "spins" its own data. They describe their finding as a "Pothole on Road to Higher Seas". How do they know its a "pothole"? They don't. They're just desperate to preach their theory. Objective, they're not.


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