Neither paper NOR plastic? California keeps its lead in nuttiness

An effort to allow only reusable bags at Los Angeles grocery stores may sound like a political long-shot, but one city councilman thinks the public will eventually warm up to the initiative.

KNX 1070′s Pete Demetriou reports just the suggestion of such a ban raised the eyebrows of several Southland shoppers.

The measure introduced by City Councilman Paul Koretz would prohibit all single-use plastic and paper bags in L.A. supermarkets and would require stores to sell or provide complimentary reusable or fiber bags only or risk a fine.

Koretz said that while banning plastic bags helps reduce land and ocean pollution, the single-use paper bag still contributes significantly to the local waste stream.

Some local shoppers, however, were less than enthused about the proposal. “I think they can find a different way to make improvements to the city,” one man said. “It’d probably be good for the planet in the long run, but short-term I could see it being a nightmare,” another shopper said.

The measure still has to clear the Energy and Environment Committee, but proponents believe the waste reduction aspect of the bill will be a strong selling point that would leapfrog L.A. ahead of cities like San Francisco and Santa Monica in the battle against bag pollution.


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  1. The insufferable stupidity of fanatical environmental cultists has never been clearer than in the "reusable bag" idiocy. Every expert who has examined the question has reached the same conclusion - the negative environmental impact of reusable bags in much greater than either plastic or paper single-use bags.

    The reason? Reusable bags represent a significant risk of being contaminated by bacterial and/or fungal agents transferred from their contents, and being subsequently transferred to contents which will create a vector to a human host. Therefore they must be thoroughly sanitized with soap and hot water after each use. The negative impact of the energy for the hot water, phosphates for the detergent, etc. far exceeds the impact of manufacturing the single-use bags.

    But, like global warming, there's no arguing with a true-believer.


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