New York Times Columnist Apologizes to Tea Party Republicans

Below is a pretty good summary of Leftist hate speech so I am reproducing most of it. I personally think that such obviously exaggerated abuse of conservatives is more likely to induce distrust of the speaker than anything else
"During the last few months of heated political debate ugly and at times slanderous statements have been routinely directed towards those associated with the Tea Party. One New York Times columnist is recanting his words:
“That anger reached its apex on Tuesday, when I wrote a column comparing the Tea Party Republicans to terrorists. The words I chose were intemperate and offensive to many, and I’ve been roundly criticized. I was a hypocrite, the critics said, for using such language when on other occasions I’ve called for a more civil politics. In the cool light of day, I agree with them. I apologize.”

The apology came after a rambling few paragraphs of the columnist, Joe Nocera, explaining his liberal roots in Providence, RI, and how his views have evolved to the point where he now sees himself as a pragmatist who favors common-sense solutions over ideology. The Tuesday column for which Nocera was originally criticized was entitled “Tea Party’s War on America,” and included such common-sense one-liners as:
“These last few months, much of the country has watched in horror as the Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people.”

“Inflicting more pain on their countrymen doesn’t much bother the Tea Party Republicans, as they’ve repeatedly proved.”

“For now, the Tea Party Republicans can put aside their suicide vests. But rest assured: They’ll have them on again soon enough.”

Newsbusters Scott Whitlock has pointed out that Nocera‘s comments just fit the norm in relation to the paper’s habit of comparing congressional GOP members to murderers.
“On July 25, columnist Nicholas Kristof used similar language. Also speaking of the Tea Party, he declared, ‘Well, wake up to the national security threat. Only it’s not coming from abroad, but from our own domestic extremists.’

Kristof insisted that the biggest threat to America ‘comes from budget machinations, and budget maniacs, at home.’

On July 4th, 2011, another columnist, David Brooks, proclaimed the Tea Party has ‘no sense of moral decency.’

Finally, on June 26, columnist Thomas Friedman referred to the group of conservatives as the ‘Hezbollah faction’ of the GOP.”

I guess the other columnists may be waiting to issue an apology from the entire paper.

While Nocera’s regrets may satisfy some, it’s likely that many still feel he is just one of many who owe an apology. Earlier in the week National Review’s Jonah Goldberg perhaps summed up the frustration of many Americans who feel that conservative Republicans and individuals who affiliate with the Tea Party have been demonized by many commentators, and that the media has unfairly covered vindictive statements made by liberal politicians:
“All over the place, conservative Republicans are ‘hostage takers’ ‘terrorists’ and ‘traitors.‘ They want to ’end life as we know it on this planet,’ says Nancy Pelosi. They are betraying the Founders, too. Chris Matthews all but signs up for the ‘Make an Ass of Yourself’ contest at the State Fair. Joe Nocera writes today that ‘the Tea Party Republicans can put aside their suicide vests.’ Lord knows what Krugman and Olbermann have said.

Then last night, on the very day Gabby Giffords heroically returns to cast her first vote since that tragic attack seven months ago, the vice president of the United States calls the Republican party a bunch of terrorists.


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  1. How odd is it that "liberals" simply cannot bring thenselves to say such things -- and do their best to censor those few conservatives who do speak the truth -- about the people who *do* wage jihad and who *do* use suicide vests?


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