Sick art again

We read:
"A Lowell [Michigan] man is calling on Christians to boycott Midwest retailer Meijer to pressure Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park to remove a decapitated bronze statue of Jesus Christ in a Jim Dine sculpture.

In addition to asking Christians to boycott Meijer's nearly 200 stores across five states, Wohlschied is also calling on Christians who volunteer at Meijer Gardens to stop donating their time to the non-profit organization until “profane art piece” is removed.

“If Meijer Gardens is going to continue with blasphemous sculptures, I recommend they exhibit a headless Mohammad sculpture. I am willing to say they wouldn't dare to do it,” Wohlschied said.


They're entitled to put up any art they like -- and other people are entitled to boycott them over it. It's a strange mindset that would want to alienate many of their customers, though.

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