Jesus Statue Set Ablaze in Minnesota

If this had been a Koran the media would have been all over it, but since it is Jesus, pretty much no one cares
"It was a clash of images on Sunday in St. Paul, MN when a local man, Tuan Pham, awoke to see his beloved, custom-made Jesus statue in flames. According to family, someone took wood from a nearby pile and used a spray can to ignite a fire at the base of Pham’s 7-foot ode to Christ.

The statue took months to ship. It is a replica of a massive one Pham helped build more than 40 years ago in his hometown of Vung Tau, Vietnam. Pham says he was jailed for his catholic beliefs before he fled the country for Minnesota.

The family wonders if the fire was racially or religiously motivated, wondering why someone would try to burn marble; guessing it was merely meant to send a message. “Why does somebody need to go this far?” Phan wondered.


Interesting to see American Leftists emulating Communist Vietnam. They're the same at heart.

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