A great Royal occasion

Detractors often speak of the fragility of the British monarchy and predict its demise but on every great Royal occasion we see the falsity of that. The huge enthusiasm with which Prince William and his bride were greeted by a million onlookers in London would surely be the envy of any politician.

Winston Churchill once said: "Not for a thousand years has Britain seen the campfires of an invader". One consequence is that the British army has retained its traditions. And the splendid uniforms are part of that. We see in the picture above the particularly splendid dress uniform of the Blues & Royals worn by Prince Harry.

It might almost be a comic opera uniform but there is nothing comic about the regiment concerned. It sees active service in war zones and in fact traces its origins all the way back to Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army. And Prince Harry is no chocolate soldier. Both he and William are members of the British armed forces and Harry is particularly devoted to the army. He loved his posting to the dirt and dust of Afghanistan. And the Blues and Royals is the regiment he joined when he enlisted in the British army.

Prince William, heir in due course to the throne of 16 countries, also enlisted initially in the Blues and Royals but now serves in the Royal Air Force. In the picture above he wears the uniform of the Irish Guards, of which he is honorary Colonel. By wearing that uniform he honours the regiment concerned. Guardsmen will be proud to see THEIR Colonel so prominently honoured.

And also above we see the rather splendid 1902 State Landau in which the couple left Westminster Abbey. I gather that it is not the most comfortable of rides but it gives admirers a good view of those in the carriage and enables them to be clearly seen when they wave back.

It all does my old monarchist heart good. And I was pleased to see the Queen looking well after her recent minor health scare -- JR.


  1. traces its origins all the way back to Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army

    You do realise Cromwell was a republican and overthrew the monarchy don't you? The 'New Model Army' was the one that defeated the royalists which lead to the execution of King Charles I and put Cromwell in charge as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England until the restoration of 1660 which placed King Charles II on the throne.

    The current royal wedding is a continuation of tradition which is important - it's also important to recognise that the royal family is a relic of a bygone age and their political influence is minimal and their current popularity is more akin to a reality TV show than anything else.

    This does not detract from the important symbolic roles they have played in the 20th and 21st century - the inspiring speeches and actions of King George VI during WW2 (who became King after the abdication of his brother Edward VIII), and Queen Elizabeth II overseeing the transformation of the British empire into the Commonwealth of Nations.

    So let's enjoy the spectacle and the pageantry but not forget that their influence over our lives is purely symbolic.

  2. There are real Royal powers
    Ask Gough Whitlam


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