Defending traditional marriage is "hate speech"?

To some Stanford students it is. A conservative group organized a talk at Stanford on the subject. Leftist students hated it:
"It’s upsetting that they were given SAL [Student Activities and Leadership] status,” said Dan Thompson’13.

“Optimally, everybody should be allowed to be a student group, but SAL curates and since they do, it’s very upsetting that a homophobic, anti-women, misogynistic group is given status when others are not,” he said.

Thompson also worried that the group’s polarization of the dialogue will detract from other issues. “These guys are going to be labeled the anti-gay marriage group when, in reality, they’re an extremist group and it’s going to distract from real homophobia on campus,” he said.

Nathaniel Williams ’13 characterized the event as a “hate fest.”
“I’m virtually speechless,” Williams said. “Never have I seen or participated in or heard of hosting an academic speaker who came across as so broadly ignorant, offensive.”

“The preview in the Stanford Review sort of posed it as a discussion about same sex marriage, but in actually it turned out to be more of a anti-abortion, anti-same sex adoption, anti-women, anti-good government, hate fest,” he said.


There is no way that the talk concerned was hate speech but there was plenty of hate speech about it from the Left

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