Why Isn’t The Mainstream Media Covering The Hate Speech of Wisconsin Protesters?

What happened to all those Democrat calls for "civility" that followed the Giffords shooting?
"As many of you know, this week in Wisconsin local public employee unions, with the help of bussed in protesters from the President’s PAC Organizing for America, are rallying outside the state capital to demonstrate their anger over the Governor’s budget which calls for state workers to contribute to their pension and health plans (albeit to a lower extent than private workers do).

The tone, language, and hate speech displayed by these state workers and the demonstrators from the president’s PAC are just as hateful and more widespread than anything real or manufactured about the Tea Party. None of this hatred is being reported in the mainstream media.

Things started getting nasty when unions began calling Wisconsin Governor Walker “Mini-Mubarak” comparing his actions to that of the recently deposed Egyptian despot. Along with the hateful analogy, the creators of this ditty said the governor had “threatened to call out the National Guard if workers protest against these cuts!”

As the budget vote neared, the protest rhetoric got more hate and violence oriented, comparing the governor to Hitler, rapists and drawing targets on his face. Most disturbing is the fact that many of these protesters are teachers responsible for our children.


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