Scary Interview with US Customs and Border Protection Official

In this video the official from the Customs and Border Protection Agency is giving an interview for a San Diego TV station. Unfortunately for the administration, the spokesman is an honest cop who has trouble lying and he admits that they have discovered "weapons of mass effect". There is a public relations person off camera who keeps trying to limit the scope of the interview in order to prevent the information from getting out, but even so what is said should be very troubling.

If you can't see the video on this blog, you can view it here.

The implications of this news report are astounding and should be of concern for anyone living in the USA. The administration continues to ignore the border problem, its only action is to insult and persecute those who try to do anything about it, and will even go so far as prosecuting States and individuals. On the bright side, they appear to have intercepted some dangerous material, but given the amount of shipments and illegal border crossings, it can't be anything more than a drop in the bucket.

The Administration did issue a rather ineffectual statement about this matter in an effort to make it look like the official just misspoke. But in the video, the customs office is clearly thinking over his answers. I suspect his answers are honest and accurate, unlike the official statements we usually get from Obama.

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