Arctic Ice Volume Has Increased 26% Over The Last Three Years

Have you ever wondered why the Warmists are always talking about the Arctic when 91% of the earth's glacial mass is in the Antarctic? It's because the Antarctic is MUCH more pesky for them. But even the Arctic seems to be letting them down now -- JR

According to US Navy PIPS2 maps, the area of thick Arctic ice has more than doubled, and the volume of Arctic ice has increased by 26% – since 2008. You can see from the graph below that ice thickness distribution has shifted dramatically to the right since the same date in 2008.

You can also see why NSIDC only likes to talk about 4+ year old ice. The reason being that it will take another two years to recover from the 2007 low.

The blink comparator below shows growth of ice greater than 2.5 metres thick.

SOURCE (See the original for links and more graphics)

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