Another dangerous QANTAS bungle

A QANTAS airliner has been forced to turn back to Sydney after its de-icing equipment failed mid-air. Flight QF922 to Cairns was forced to turn around about 90 minutes into the flight, a Qantas spokeswoman said.

The plane's de-icing equipment failed, prompting the captain to turn the 737-800 around and land at Sydney Airport.

"We had a minor technical fault with one of our aircraft which affects the icing equipment,'' the spokeswoman said. "It was inadvisable to operate the aircraft in the icy conditions. "Under normal fine-weather conditions, it would not affect the operation of the aircraft.''

After landing, the affected passengers were transferred to another plane.


A very weird decision. The plane would have been just about over Brisbane when the problem was noticed. Why did they not land immediately at Brisbane instead of risking the long flight back to Sydney? Very strange indeed. Brisbane is a busy and advanced modern airport. There was absolutely no reason to land anywhere else.

They actually flew INTO more icy conditions than they would have encountered if they had simply continued on their way. Brisbane is subtropical and Cairns is tropical. Sydney is neither. Only completely robotic bureaucratic decision-making can explain such dangerous actions. I hope we hear more of this

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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