Obama's private army?

Pakistan Daily - US President Barack Obama has approved the creation of a new, special terrorism-era interrogation unit to be supervised by the White House, a top aide said on Monday, further distancing his administration from former president George Bush’s detainee policies. The new unit does not mean the CIA is now out of the interrogation business, White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton told reporters.

Burton said the unit would include “all these different elements under one group” and it would be situated at the FBI headquarters in Washington. The unit would be led by an FBI official, with a deputy director from somewhere in the government’s vast intelligence apparatus, and members from across agencies. The White House will directly supervise it. ......The new group and new directives to rely solely on the Army Field Manual when interrogating prisoners is an attempt by the administration to separate itself from allegations that the previous administration tortured some prisoners.
This is interesting, hussein o seems to be of the opinion that even though he's the big cheese now, he still can't trust the CIA to properly interrogate terrorists. I mean, why else would he set up his own private unit, reporting directly to him and only him to do this. This raises even more questions, like what assurance is there that these terrorists won't have their rights violated, you know the rights that leftists insist that all and sundry must have. Who will police hussein o to ensure that he's not just beating the shit out of them.

And how do we know that hussein will only use them to interrogate terrorists attacking America and not against those won't squeal their support and adoration for his glorious death-panels and what not. You all know what a dishonest fellow hussein o really is, so don't put it past him. Besides, where ever leftists are in power, sooner rather than later, freedom and liberty has to be eroded, honesty and transparency are their enemies.

The article also mentions that hussein o is still yearning to go after Bush for depriving terrorists of sleep and putting insects in their cells, so will this be applied to hussein o and his associates if we do find out that prisoners weren't given korans and warm meals every day. Will they be prosecuted too or is hussein o more equal as we are led to believe. The laws are only for mortals, not for halfrican gods/messiahs/prophets/[insert appropriate term of adoration here].

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