Gordon Brown - Gutless shitbag!

Daily Mail - Gordon Brown finally broke his silence over the release of the Lockerbie bomber today after being branded the 'invisible man of politics' by refusing to discuss the matter.

The Prime Minister, back in Downing Street for a meeting with Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu, insisted the British Government had 'no role' in the decision.

And he said he was 'angry' and 'repulsed' at the hero's welcome given to Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi on his return to Libya last week. [Yeah, sure you were gordon, you gutless shitbag!]

Mr Brown stressed that Britain's 'resolve to fight terror is absolute' amid fury at the move to release the man convicted of the worst terrorist act on British soil.

Just how the hell did this worthless pustule end up leading a western nation. A mass murderer of gordon's own countrymen is set free and Gordon has nothing to say, not my problem, can't get involved, full moon, high tide, low testosterone, period pains, low iron, privacy issues... blah, blah.

I would say to gordon, just go gordon, don't say anything, don't write anything, just pack your crap and eff off. Don't write, don't send post cards, don't email, don't call, don't twit or chat or anything, just go.

But we all know gordon won't go, perhaps gordon is like herpes or some sort of skin rash that just won't go away on its own, you have to get rid of him Britain. Whether it be through pitch forks, whips, boots to his worthless ass, whatever, just do it, get rid of this gutless shitbag.

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