Freedom Of The Internet?

If you hadn't read the headline on yesterday's DrudgeReport (I use it for my homepage), then you really need to see this story - particularly since WE are on the very leading edge in the War on HOMELAND Terrorism, right here on the internet:

Also, not only does Pharoah barack want to be able to take over the internet "in case of an emergency" - and just WHOM will decide
precisely WHAT constitutes an "emergency"? - but there's also this, yet ANOTHER gambit to erase essential liberties from the Bill of Rights, that I got via a newsletter I get from

(Pay attention to how these o-bortions BY the government are all targeted precisely at the very things the Founders put in the Constitution for us to use to protect our essential liberties FROM said government! The very things we NEED in order to keep the Sacred Sock Puppet from becoming just like his buddies hugo chavez and fidel castro....)

Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing
and Record of Sale Act of 2009

The Congressional Plan to Disarm Americans

No legislator in their right mind would vote for this bill now but you need to be aware of what is going on in Congress regarding gun ownership. I'm sorry; did I assume our House of Representatives were in their right minds? The Blair Holt Act is sweeping legislation that forces you to take extensive and numerous actions in order to own a gun or you will be criminalized.

Bill: House Resolution 45

Sponsor: Rep. Bobby Rush, Democrat from Illinois

Referred to: House Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security

1. Everyone will need a firearms license to own a gun and there will be a fee paid to the Attorney General.
2. You will be required to turn your guns into a firearms dealer for any transfers. Transfers include passing down your firearms to family members.
3. Report any address change to the Attorney General within 60 days.
4. Restrict you from having access to a loaded gun if there is someone under 18 in your home.
5. Fine and imprison you for failure to comply with any of the regulations.

These points are just the tip of the iceberg. You can get your PDF copy of the bill from the House of Representatives website. Read it and see how it decimates the rights enumerated in our 2 nd Amendment, and worse, makes following the law nearly impossible.

To get your copy of the bill click here

So how can we keep a weather eye on those that seek to limit our gun ownership? Join the National Rifle Association.
{I deleted the membership offer that followed. You can go to the NRA site on your own - and I recommend it, of course, since I'm a member.}

Let's Talk Personal Defense

Across our great country from Virginia to California state governments will be releasing prisoners as a form of budget cuts. Municipalities from coast to coast have threatened to cut law enforcement officers because of decreased tax revenue and budget problems.

Putting more criminals on the street and cutting cops is beyond reckless. What about cutting welfare? No, that won't happen. So if you choose to carry a gun do so with all the knowledge you can get.

Here is an offer that may just keep you alive.

Sign up for this free newsletter from the United States Concealed Carry Association. My good friends at the USCCA are the masters of handgun carry and defense tactics. Teach yourself to defend yourself and live to see another day.

This is a free offer. Sign up for the Armed American newsletter and carry with confidence.


Do what you want with this information, but I highly recommend that you get going and do SOMETHING with it.
You see what I'm doing....

(I know you folks Down Under ALREADY understand what these government maneuvers mean, but this is aimed mostly at slappin' a desperately needed ClueBat up-side the heads of some simpering "progressive" sorry-assed excuses for Yanks up here in what's left of what I still call "America".)

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