Dr Michael Nazir-Ali and Christians

Times Online - Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, who is about to retire as the Bishop of Rochester, is to set up a charity to work with persecuted Christians in the Islamic world. Dr Nazir-Ali, who will leave next week a few days after his 60th birthday, says that he has paid a heavy price for standing up for Christian values and has been stung by criticism of some of his controversial statements — but that he has no regrets. ......In January 2008 Dr Nazir-Ali wrote that Islamic extremism had turned “already separate communities into no-go areas”.
Good on him for setting up that charity, Lord knows Christians in muslim lands need all the help they can get. Contrary to leftwing stupidity and western ignorance, muslims dominate, persecute and subjugate any non-muslims living in their lands. Most Christians who can leave, do so because that's the reality they face. Ask the copts from Egypt, the lebanese Christians and they'll tell you what their muslim overlords are really like.

The other thing is that Christians from the 3rd world make great immigrants too, which brings me to another point. I don't know why we in the west don't change our immigration policies to target Christians from 3rd world countries. The western world is the great civilization it is because it was built by people who believe in a Christian God. They weren't Hindus, Bhuddists, Muslims, Zoroastrians, Aztecs etc.

You also don't hear of Christians from Africa or the Middle East waging jihad here in the western world. You don't hear of them wanting to set up no-go areas and demanding that westerners stop doing this and that or stand on their heads or something. We want the western world to become better, even better than it is and we want our immigrants to be productive citizens to take us further and who better to contribute to this than Christian immigrants. Unless off course that's not what some of us really want.

Makes sense to me, perhaps I'm wrong on this, what do you think?

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