Student suspended for publishing conservative website

We read:

"Back in the USSR, they sent dissidents to psychiatric confinement; in ultra-blue Marin County, they suspend them from school and send them for "psychological evaluation." According to the Marin Independent-Journal:
"Although school officials declined to comment on his case, [Cyrus] Massoumi, 17, a senior [at Redwood High School], said he was suspended from school Wednesday for distributing flyers directing students to his online newspaper, which he previously stored on a school computer server.

He admits there are articles in The Deadwood Barf -- a parody of the school newspaper The Redwood Bark -- that many people might find offensive. But the Larkspur teen believes school administrators went too far in their response, sending a security guard to remove him from class and asking him to undergo a psychological evaluation.

"They asked me to sign a 'no violence' contract, saying that if I refused they would call the police and have me declared a physical threat," Massoumi said. "It's ridiculous."

If the student violated school policy by distributing leaflets on campus, is it appropriate to behave as the school did? When asked to do so, he removed his website from the school's server and published it elsewhere. He stopped distributing the pamphlets when asked.


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